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Interacción Inicial en Inglés / Comunicación Activa en inglés / Comunicación Especializada en Inglés



Welcome to Mr. Ramirez class , here you will find most of the information you’ll need in class, as you look out to your right side under the heading of “Program and guides, are instructions (evidence to solve), rubrics (criteria how are you going to assess). This includes a digital library of CONALEP and S.E.P., you can also check and monitor your development in class (Check your grades) only need your registration number to access this module.

Moreover also includes a blog mode where you must be aware of the tasks and practices.

Hopefully do our best to learn this language.


Mr. Ramírez.


Preceptories for underperformance: According to class schedule (by appointment only)

 Perceptorias por bajo rendimiento: De acuerdo al horario de clase (únicamente bajo previa cita)

Just remember your Subject code: CIIN-02 Independent Communication in English for 4th Semester, ININ-02 Initial interaction in English for 2nd semester and CENG-02 Specialized Communication in English for 6th semester

Recordar su código del  módulo: CIIN-02 Comunicación Independiente en Inglés para 4to. semestre, ININ-02 Interacción Inicial en Inglés para 2ndo semestre y CENG-02 Comunicación Especilaizada en Inglés para 6to semestre.

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Thank you!! all of the students , teachers and people that participate on my blog. Right now we have 50 thousand views from different sector especially from my country, I hope we can continue helping in one way or another, soon will be possible to submit your comments to improve this website. Also you may contact me by the email
Mr. Ramirez 🙂


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